Olympiad Coaching

Kharisma Bangsa School is well-known for its participation and achievements in many competitions particularly in Maths, Sciences, and Social Sciences Competition. Our participants never cease in making our school proud by regularly achieving medals every year at the National Science Olympiad (OSN/KSN). These achievements are the results of the coaching program which is taken continuously and seriously. 


Olympiad students are organized into a team called the Science Olympiad Team of Kharisma Bangsa (TOSKA). In this team, some students are chosen to become members of the committee whose job is to help the process of coaching. Those students also become the mentor in peer tutoring among the students. 


Kharisma Bangsa is very serious about doing Olympiad coaching; this is because Olympiad is one of the tools in education that must be addressed wisely. The Olympiad is not just about competition, but more than that the Olympiad is a medium of continuous learning. In Kharisma Bangsa, all students are welcomed to join the Olympiad team. Open recruitment is held every year. 



  1. Student Selection 
  2. Self-Study 
  3. Peer Tutoring 
  4. Evaluation 
  5. Olympiad Camp