Research And Project

The innovation made will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing technology in our surroundings.  Research categories are divided into 7 fields of study. 


  • Physics  

The innovations in Physics include the application of the formulae or methods taught in Physics such as mechanics, waves, lights,  optics, electricity, and magnetism.  


  • Chemistry  

The innovations in Chemistry include the application of chemical reaction methods and also the structure and chemical composition.  


  • Biology  

The innovations in Biology include the discussion on living things and finding solutions for problems faced by humanity using biological methods. 


  • Mathematics  

Innovations in Mathematics include discussions on mathematical methods and their application in our daily lives.  


  • Computer 

Innovations in Computers include the application of computer programming as solutions for our daily problems.  


  • Environment 

Innovations in the Environment include the application of interdisciplinary measures that concern aestheticism and environmental health.  


  • Technology  

Innovations in Technology include the application of technical interdisciplinary that focuses on developing effective and efficient technology.