Boarding Concept

Kharisma Bangsa School carries out an unconventional concept in which the school provides a boarding school system. There are many advantages to implementing this concept. Having this boarding school concept,  students do not only study formally at school but also through other elements in their environment. It is expected that boarding students can learn various things such as improving self-discipline, sharing,  fostering tolerance, and respecting others.  


The boarding school concept helps to actualize a comprehensive education in Kharisma Bangsa. This is because all aspects of education can be touched through the dormitory such as students’ academic performance, daily religious practices, development of life skills, and perspective of the students. In addition, the process of learning is done in the familial atmosphere of everyone involved in the dormitory either students, teachers, and dorm supervisors. This makes learning in the dormitory have long-term effects that can color the character of the students. 


The dormitories accommodate boys and girls separately. Through the diversity of dormitory environments – different origins, different backgrounds, culture, personality, and academic capability – helps to form a  more conducive perspective of our nation. Moreover, tolerance values also become something that is not only taught theoretically but directly practiced. 


Dormitory Program Routine


The dormitory is equipped with facilities to support all its activities. These are as follows.

  • Full AC bed room 
  • Living room 
  • Reading room 
  • Computer room 
  • Game room 
  • TV room 
  • Gym 
  • Study room 
  • Discussion room 
  • Prayer room 
  • Guesthouse 
  • Administration room 
  • Locker  
  • Dining hall  
  • Canteen 
  • Gazebo 
  • Laundry room