Vision and Mission

Our vision

Our vision at Kharisma Bangsa School is to support our students to reach their full potential, become life-long learners and contribute to the global world and practice the core values of the school: Honesty, Respect, Independence, and Excellence.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, college prep, global education with unique positive character-building programs to the future leaders of the world.

Our core values for life

Honesty: We are honest and sincere to ourselves and to others, always truthful in our words and actions, and we are responsible for our own feeling and behaviors

Respect: We act in a way that shows that we are aware of other people’s feelings, wishes, and rights. We treat other people properly. We are thoughtful and considerate of other people, our environment, and our general property. We have self-respect behaving with honor and dignity.

Independence: We are ready and able to stand on our own feet. We rely on ourselves. We consult, reflect, and decide for ourselves, we are resourceful and persevere.

Collaboration: We Joyfully work together with other people, assist others and share common burdens, in order to achieve noble and worthy goals.

Excellence: We desire for and pursuit of the highest quality in any undertaking process, product, or result.