Welcoming Message From Elementary Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to Kharisma Bangsa School! Thank you for joining us. We are honored you have selected us as the school for your child’s basic education. We are positive that the expertise and activities we provide will foster the knowledge, skills, and emotional well-being of your child’s early development.

With enthusiasm, our team does its utmost to provide the most conducive learning environment for your children. We believe education is a shared responsibility. The success of your child getting properly educated depends on the cooperation of everyone concerned. Naturally, this includes students
and teachers, both our entire academic and non-academic team, and you, the parents. One of our missions is to develop strong participation amongst our community of parents in our educational activities; we welcome and encourage a synergistic and harmonious relationship
amongst students, all of us at Kharisma Bangsa and you, the parents.

Once again, welcome the Kharisma Bangsa family!

With utmost respect,


Siti Zubaidah, S.Pd., M.Si

Elementary School Principal of Kharisma Bangsa