Kharisma Bangsa is known as a school that emphasizes on the importance of science. Here, two curriculums are being followed in the education process: 


  1. Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International) 
  2. National Curriculum  


Cambridge International offers a clear learning pathway for students through its programs and qualifications.

Kharisma Bangsa adopts science subjects from Cambridge International. Social and humanities subjects are also offered as an alternative for certain grades. At the end of the academic year, students will take some tests such as Checkpoint, IGCSE, and A level depending on their level of studies.  

The subjects using National Curriculum taught in Bahasa are as follows:  

  1. Religion and Character Education 
  2. Bahasa Indonesia 
  3. Civics Education  

Apart from the two, Kharisma Bangsa also has some other additions, such as: 

  1. English Language Assessment

Kharisma Bangsa offers English education that follows the qualification of international standards CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), in which at the beginning of the academic year, students are grouped according to their learning progress and are given different targets every year. 

2. Foreign Language Learning 

Knowing the benefit of learning a new language such as being bilingual which can be one of the assets colleges look for in their student applicants, every student in Kharisma Bangsa is required to take an additional foreign language before graduating. They are given the freedom to choose the language of their interest to be learned in three years.  We offer Japanese, Turkish, and Arabic for foreign language elective lessons. To monitor their progress, the school helps to set the targets according to the international standards in their area of learning.  


Kharisma Bangsa School offers SAT and Toefl/Ielts tests organized by the College Counseling Department. Students who are undecided to study abroad can also have the privilege of taking the test for self-assessment purposes and to check their capacity at an international level.  

4. Reading Program (Drop Everything And Read/DEAR)

In Kharisma Bangsa School, reading habits continue to be developed among the students. Since digital book applications are becoming a popular trend, we are giving our students an opportunity to learn through the use of the latest technological applications. They are given the freedom to choose a digital book which will be gradually monitored to measure their reading comprehension. Apart from reading digital books, students are also encouraged to read books in the school library which contains reading materials that have met international standards.