Announcement 1st Round Kharisma Bangsa Sports Scholarship Program

Dear Participants of the Kharisma Bangsa Sports Scholarship Program,

We would like to thank you for your application to the Kharisma Bangsa Sports Scholarship Program. Our admission team has reviewed and processed your application and would like to announce that the following participants were Passed for the first round (Attached).

The participants who were passed this round, congratulations!, You will continue to the next Academic Test and Skill Test. 

  • The academic test (Math, Science & Bahasa Indonesia will be on January 5 by Online, 2022. Please check your email for the detail of the test.
  • The Skill Test will be on January 15, 2022. For the detail, we will inform you later.

Note: There is no Skill Test for Non-Basketball Scholarship.

For the participant who was not passed, the decision is not, therefore, a negative assessment of your skill or accomplishments. Once again thank you for your interest in the Kharisma Bangsa Basketball scholarship. 


Looking forward to seeing you and we wish you every success with your studies and beyond.


Admission Committee,

Kharisma Bangsa Eagles

Download Announcement Here!

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